medicinal oil

Our Services

We are the leading manufacturer for Rheumatism Lotion, Cooling Tea and Zhui Feng Bao Wei San Powder in Singapore. We provide the following services as well,

  • OEM for products we manufacture.
  • Agent for application of CPM License.
  • Provides packaging services for products
  • Able to customize products based on different brand & companies
  • Manufacter of Medical/Rheumatism oil & balm


大昌发参茸药行是新加坡顶尖的风湿/络油和膏, 凉茶以及飞翔牌的追风保胃散制造商。我们也提供以下服务,

  • 原厂制造所有本公司产品
  • 卫生部注册/申请(中成药)
  • 各形包装
  • 中性包装
  • 制造风湿/络油和膏