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About Us

Tai Chong Fatt Medical Hall manufactures and distributes quality Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to Chinese medicinal shops in Singapore as well as Asia.

There are 2 retail shops under our company, Tai Chong Fatt Medical Hall and Tai Foh Siong. Together they have a combined history of nearly 50 years of operation in Singapore.

We supply almost 40% of Chinese medicinal products sold in Singapore and is one of Singapore's major wholesalers of TCM.

Our top selling products in Singapore: Zhui Feng Bao Wei San and Zhui Feng Pin An You are also sold at medicial halls in Singapore, Indonesia as well as parts of Taiwan. We are also gradually expanding our presence into the China market.

Tai Chong Fatt's manufacturing activities are carried out mainly at its Tampines factory. We conduct stringent checks and apply strict quality control process in our production. All our products are subjected to HSA (Health Sciences Authority) testing and approval before they are distributed.


大昌发参茸药行生产及销售优质传统中医药保健品牌(TCM),活络油给在新加坡以及亚洲各国的中药商店。 大昌发参茸药行是新加坡主要批发商之一。我们提供近40%的活络油,中成药、保健食品和营养补充品给新加坡市场。